Welcome 4° Interntional Congress of Enviromental Psychology

Dear colleagues, experts in environmental problems being: psychologists, anthropologists, architects, biologists, ergonomists, engineers, lawyers, physicians, pedagogues, sociologists, among others; all of you, representatives of the conscious and compromised intellectuality of Latin America and the world, we summon you to reunite once again to enrich our knowledge and give continuity to the work of the First, Second and Third Latin American Meeting of Environmental Psychology and that has now been transformed into the Fourth International Congress, recognizing the true extent of their efforts.


In particular, Latin Americans know well that our continent is a set of various emerging societies, multicultural and with a great wealth of ecosystems, abundance of resources and biodiversity environment. Consequently our cultures have emerged and reproduced worldviews and sui generis developments with different environmental and social problems. The environmental psychology has answered to these needs, analyzing both the human ecosystem, designed and built, in the role of scenarios of conduct tissue, generating concepts, methodologies and intervention strategies that have contributed to the universal knowledge. Similarly, it is important to recognize that our colleagues from the rest of the world, have generated and contributed with relevant knowledge to deal with this problem.


Very dear colleagues, we hope from September 23rd to September 27th of 2013 in the FES Iztacala of UNAM, Mexico, to shake hands, exchange ideas, knowledge and friendship. Because we recognize the importance of getting together once in a while to exchange, reflect, and assist to the organization of a vigorous structure that makes these contributions to being more solid, powered by the discussion and the critic analysis of our contributions.


Dr. José Gómez Herrera
President of the 4º International Congress of Environmental Psychology


Dr. Serafín J. Mercado Doménech
Dra. Maritza Landázuri Ortíz
Mtra. Alejandra Terán Álvarez del Rey

Honorary Presidents


Dr. Serafín Mercado, UNAM Dra. Ana Maritza Landázuri, FES Iztacala
Mtra. Alejandra Terán, FES Iztacala Dr. José Gómez, FES Iztacala
Dra. Tzasna Hernández, FES Iztacala Mtro. Javier Urbina, UNAM
Dr. Víctor Corral, Sonora, México Dra. Araceli Ortíz, Hidalgo, México
Mtra. Elisa Ruíz, UNAM Alain Legendre, Francia
Dra. Esther Winsenfeld, Venezuela Dr. Euclides Sánchez, Venezuela
Dr. Pablo Páramo, Colombia Dr. José Piñeiro, Brasil
Comité Científico

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